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Procedure to Obtain a Fishing License in Los Cabos – Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a fishing trip to Los Cabos? If so, then you’ll need to obtain a fishing license before you can cast your line. Fishing without a license can result in hefty fines and even the confiscation of your catch. In this article, we’ll walk you through the procedure to obtain a fishing license in Los Cabos, so you can have a hassle-free fishing experience.

Why do you need a fishing license in Los Cabos?

Fishing licenses are required by law in Los Cabos to ensure that fishing activities are carried out in a sustainable manner. The licenses help authorities monitor and regulate the fishing industry, preventing overfishing and protecting marine ecosystems. Additionally, the revenue generated from fishing licenses is often used to fund conservation efforts and support local fishing communities.

Who needs a fishing license in Los Cabos?

Anyone who plans to engage in fishing activities in Los Cabos, whether it’s recreational or commercial, needs a fishing license. This includes both residents and non-residents of Mexico, and even children. There are no age exemptions for fishing licenses, so if your child plans to fish with you, they’ll need their own license.

What types of fishing licenses are available in Los Cabos?

There are two types of fishing licenses available in Los Cabos: recreational and commercial.

How to obtain a fishing license in Los Cabos?

There are several ways to obtain a fishing license in Los Cabos, including online, in-person, and through a fishing charter company.


The easiest and most convenient way to obtain a fishing license in Los Cabos is through the online portal of the National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission (CONAPESCA). You can access the portal through their website or mobile app, and follow the steps to purchase your fishing license. You’ll need to provide your personal information, such as your name, address, and passport number, and select the type and duration of your license. You can pay for your license online with a credit or debit card, and your license will be emailed to you.


If you prefer to obtain your fishing license in person, you can visit one of the many CONAPESCA offices located in Los Cabos. You’ll need to bring your passport, a copy of your passport, and cash or a credit card to pay for your license. You can also fill out the application form beforehand to save time.

Fishing charter company

If you plan to book a fishing charter company, they can often provide you with a fishing license as part of their package. However, it’s best to confirm with the company beforehand to avoid any surprises.

How much does a fishing license cost in Los Cabos?

The cost of a fishing license in Los Cabos varies depending on the type and duration of the license. For recreational licenses, the fees are as follows:

What are the regulations for fishing in Los Cabos?

Once you have your fishing license, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations for fishing in Los Cabos to avoid any penalties or fines. Here are some of the most important regulations to keep in mind:

In addition to these regulations, it’s important to practice responsible fishing practices to help preserve the marine ecosystem in Los Cabos. This includes using barbless hooks to reduce injury to fish, practicing catch and release, and avoiding fishing in areas with high marine traffic.


Obtaining a fishing license in Los Cabos is a relatively simple process that can be done online, in-person, or through a fishing charter company. It’s important to have a valid fishing license to avoid fines and penalties, and to adhere to the regulations for fishing in Los Cabos to protect the marine ecosystem. With the right preparations and knowledge, you can have a safe and enjoyable fishing experience in this beautiful destination.

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