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Overnight Yacht Rentals


If you’re looking for an epic Mexican getaway, consider renting a yacht in La Paz, including overnight! La Paz is a beautiful city right on the water, and what could be better than spending your days exploring everything it has to offer, then anchoring in a quiet bay for the night? You’ll be able to enjoy all the best that Mexico has to offer without even having to leave your boat.

Exclusive Overnight Yacht Rentals in La Paz, Baja California

The exclusive Overnight yacht rental tours for family and friends are for special occasions and celebrations in La Paz, Mexico and Los Cabos. You and your family will navigate 24 hours on a private yacht with overnight and enjoy the exploration journey while engaging in aquatic activities and sports.

Spending the Night on a Luxury Private Yacht in La Baja Mexico


Is there anything more luxurious than spending a night on a yacht? La Paz, Mexico is the perfect spot to enjoy this experience, and there are plenty of companies that offer overnight yacht rentals. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure with friends, La Paz has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience the high life!

Why rent a Luxury Yacht including Overnight Stay?

For some, an overnight family trip on a private yacht represents the ultimate vacation on-demand. Navigating on a yacht charter during the day and spend the night sleeping aboard of a private luxury yacht is very fancy and very romantic rather than staying in a hotel on shore.

Whatever your favorite boating activities may be, you probably already know that when you step aboard a private luxury yacht and cast off, the life’s stress melts away in just a heartbeat. Talking about heartbeats, it has been scientifically proven that getting out on the water on a private yacht promotes a restful state, with various physiological and psychological benefits.


Basic Rules to Keep in Mind for Overnight Yacht Rentals

If you never have rented a yacht with overnight stay before, there are a few things you should keep in mind.  When renting a private yacht with overnight stay in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, consider the following basic rules:

  1. First, be sure to book your yacht charter rental well in advance. It’s possible to fill up fast during peak season like spring break!
  2. Secondly, make sure to budget for all the necessary supplies and provisions. You don’t want to be caught without food or water while out at sea. All yacht charters we rent can be upgraded to include additional premium food and drinks of choice, as you can decide what will be on the menu. All yacht charters we rent can be upgraded to include additional premium food and drinks of choice. You can always decide what will be on the menu. All our yachts we rent have galleys and when upgrading the service includes a chef and crew members to serve you.
  3. Finally, don’t forget to factor in the cost of fuel, it can be surprisingly expensive to keep a yacht running. But if you can afford it, renting a yacht is definitely an experience you won’t soon forget!


Overnight Yacht Rental Family Activities

The Sea of Cortez is legendary among divers and sport fishers. Also, very popular for people seeking an authentic and spoiled sailing and yacht rental vacation enjoying the tranquil turquoise coves. Enjoy the pristine deserts and rugged mountain ranges. A private overnight yacht charter in Baja is the ideal way to explore this over 100 miles of rugged coastline. You can drop anchor in a different sheltered cove each night, enjoying the company of your family or friends in complete privacy.

La Paz Island Hopping Yacht Rental Overnight Tours

Sail to Isla Espiritu Santo, Balandra and San Francisco Island. This is a popular anchorage in a crescent-shaped bay fringed with white sand beaches, red rock cliffs and crystal clear waters. This picture-perfect cove offers sublime hiking, snorkeling, fishing and beaches. Go whale or dolphin watching and get close to these beautiful creatures, or swim with sea lions at Espiritu Santo Island

Equipment and Accessories Included with your Private Yacht

A private boat rental, it’s the perfect place to spend a night exploring the crystalline waters at the pacific coast. The VIP bedroom in the bow and the two twin staterooms are all en suite. The crew will guide your family through a variety of fun and exciting programs and activities. These include programs like snorkel, swimming until padding boards.

Activities cover an array of difficulty levels to excite guests. On the other hand, the owner’s suite includes an open bedroom, walk-in closet, and a large en-suite bathroom with enclosed shower. You’ll be counting fish instead of sheep when you spend an unforgettable night at the luxury rental yacht. Come to La Paz, Mexico and fall in love of the amazing aquatic animals with a night.

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