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Rent a Yacht for Party Celebrations


We have the perfect plan for you for the most memorable birthday parties on a private luxury yacht, or just for your ideal event on a private yacht; for the young (and also for the not so young) adventurers. Ok we know, maybe Hollywood went too far with the ideal vacations but when the summer is coming, your body needs to meet with the night joining a party on a luxury yacht. Rent a luxury Yacht for a party, or rent a luxury yacht for a birthday party in Cabo San Lucas.

Each city has certain rhythms and when you meet these rhythms on a party on a luxury yacht in Los Cabos San Lucas to rent a private luxury yacht for a party, you can be sure, every moment and enjoy. You don’t need an excuse to celebrate with your friends. Get funky on a party on a rented private luxury yacht.

Escape with your friends on Luxury Yacht

Go to Cabo San Lucas with all included, DJ, drinks, meal and a good environment, and of course on a private yacht of choice enjoying your privacy without neighbors far from the beach. Ask for the packages for your century’s party, and rent a yacht with us. We put the environment and you put the attitude. Cabo San Lucas are waiting for you to have the best party of your life on a private luxury yacht. Of course, the contact with the sea and the view of the coast is included.


You Only Live Once

Now, we know that being alive is a fortune and especially living it on a yacht, and we have to enjoy it like never before. A party on a yacht is the perfect excuse to celebrate that we live only once.

At Yachts Rentals Cabo  we are committed to giving you the best experience for your yacht party and that you (and your guests) have fun on this yacht and obviously, the security on the installations is completely adequate and timely for your party on board. It doesn’t matter if you frequently go to beach or pool parties; nothing compares to a trip to Cabo.


We have the best packages for your yacht party, where you won’t have to worry about anything except fun. In addition, you can spend the day of your choice on a sailboat if you want to invite more people, and the food and drinks have a special price. Get in touch to find out about the packages and activities that we have available for you.

Rent a Yacht for a Party with DJ

Live a unique experience aboard one of our luxury catamarans on the most beautiful beach. The catamaran is available to rent for all adults who want to enjoy an unforgettable day. Don’t miss out on this great experience with your friends to have a party in Cabo that has no comparison.


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