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Wedding on a Private Luxury Yacht


Sunset by sea, is the most romantic experience you can ever imagine. Have you ever dreamed about your perfect wedding on the beach? Well, now imagine your perfect wedding in the middle of the sea on a luxury private yacht and make your future husband feel like a king and your future wife like a queen? It will be the most important day and the beginning of where your life is starting to get formed with the two in one aspect relationship. Your wedding should definitely not be a common one, it should be remembered for an eternity, and you and your other half deserve an unforgettable wedding. A good start is half of the work.

Like we said, there is nothing more romantic and unforgettable than a wedding at sea on a luxury sailboat. You can make this wish come through with the help of our team that will help you organize the wedding on a spectacular luxury boat. Or a wedding on a private luxury yacht, and even we can help you organize your wedding on a 100-foot catamaran inviting over 100 guests. Invite all of your friends and family and celebrate your perfect wedding on board of a yacht in a singular place.

Celebrate your Silver, Golden and Platinum Wedding on a Yacht

Also, don’t forget that we can also organize your silver, golden and platinum wedding and every event on a private yacht in Cabo San Lucas. But remember, the romance is and making that dream that you started to have as a small kid will now come through.


Wedding on a Yacht in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos

Located in Mexico, Baja California, Cabo San Lucas has become the new favorite tourist spot for boat weddings, creating new tendencies for the need for the right sailboat or yacht for the right type of event. It doesn’t matter if you want a small or big wedding in Los Cabos, we have the perfect plan for your wedding for the right day to create the perfect moment. In addition, our planning experts make your sailboat or yacht, magical, from the most innovative ideas to the most conservative ones. Make your wedding unforgettable and organize it on a private yacht in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos.

Have a beautiful wedding on a yacht in the sun, where the climate is the same throughout the whole year. Each ceremony expresses the feelings of the couple, so why have limits? We know this will be the perfect day for you, and small details do matter for making your day more than perfect.

Planning your wedding on a luxury private yacht

That is why we want to help you with the planning of your perfect wedding on a luxury private yacht. We are experts in planning unforgettable moments, and specially with weddings on a private sailboat. Of course, your friends and your family can’t miss this event of the year. And imagine the ambient and sphere of the crowd, and how excited everyone will be.


Packages for Wedding on a Yacht

You can build your own wedding package according your needs:

  • Private Yacht for Rent: Your private boat with crew included.
  • Food: Menu served in porcelain. Waiters included. Our chef can compose the menu according to your taste. We do not use paper or plastic utensils, unless stated different due to restrictions.
  • Drinks: Soft drinks, juices, coffee or tea, and beers and cocktails. All drinks and waiters are included depending on the area (please consult with your sales executive the options for your area).
  • Cake: A great choice of flavors and fillings.
  • Photography: Professional photographer.
  • Entertainment: Comedians, live music, DJ, Singers, Mariachi or Music selection.
  • Transportation: Round trip.
  • Flowers: Floral decoration included. Meet our floral designer.
  • Tuxedo Rental.
  • Jeweler for special jewelry and designs.
  • Helicopter/ Plane.
  • Equipment of snorkel and fishing, Paddle Board, Kayak.

What boat or yacht do I need, and how much does it cost?

Taking about budget, the number of guests and extra’s like beverages and food and type of boat required determine the total budget required for the wedding on a yacht. Each couple and type of event have different characteristics.


Catamaran in Cabo San Lucas

By having covers wide enough for celebration and conviviality, they are perfect for links that summon the closest family and friends. Like our Luxury Loft Catamaran for weddings in Los Cabos, Baja California. Every trip you take with us promises to be enjoyable. Frequently, a catamaran used for weddings usually has capacity for 30 to 150 guests plus crew. But we have a catamaran for any type of event, celebration and budget.

Stability on your Catamaran

Other important characteristic things about the Catamaran in Cabo San Lucas are the double keel; this gives lightness and stability of the boat. Do you want something more personal with few guests? No problem. When you rent a yacht, and we can recommend the perfect yacht for your wedding or event in Los Cabos with a small yacht. Also, we have different packages for different types of weddings, do not forget to call or send a message and ask for your packages to ensure your wedding or anniversary date in Cabo San Lucas.

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